Best Outdoor Storage Sheds Smart Buyers Guide

Here's my short list of the Best Storage Sheds On The Market Today. Feel free to skip straight to Amazon to check out the finer details and price. Or sit back, keep on reading and enjoy my honest reviews on each.

  1. Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed
  2. Suncast BMS8700 Tremont Storage Shed
  3. Keter Factor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed
  4. Suncast BMS4700 Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed
  5. Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed

Hey there! I’m Tom and I’m going to be your host for this episode. I know, this isn’t television but I thought I’d prepare you for what’s coming up. If you are in the market for any kind of outdoor storage solution, you’ll want to get comfortable and grab yourself a snack. That’s because this site is going to take you through a tour of the top rated and different types of the best outdoor storage sheds.

I’ll even review what I consider to be the 5 Best Storage Sheds On The Market today, give you some notes on the best brands and because I’m that kind of guy, I’m going to share with you some information on what you can do to accessorize that shed. If you didn’t come here to find out about outdoor storage sheds, by the time we’re done you’ll be pretty close to an expert on the subject. You never know when that knowledge may come in handy in barbecue conversation. So, here we go!

Different Types of Storage Sheds

Before you start looking at sheds you need to determine one very important thing. You need to figure out what you plan on using the shed for. I know, storage right. But the types of things you plan to store will help you in the selection of the correct shed for the job. For example, you have three basic shed designs. Here’s a look at each of them.

Horizontal Storage Sheds

You’ve probably seen one of these near a pool. The design on these sheds is a lot like oversized tubs with top openings in many cases. They typically don’t take up as much room as a standard shed but still offer a lot of storage space. I have one sitting on my deck and love it!

Vertical Storage Sheds

This style is similar in size and shape to a wardrobe cabinet so you won’t have tons of space for big things. However, this is a very effective storage solution for tall items like gardening tools. You can hang other stuff in it as well. They are also great as they take up little space.

Miniature House Storage Sheds

These are your standard backyard sheds that look a lot like a miniature house. You can walk into one of these and depending on the size and you can store a lot of stuff. I have one with my ride-on mower, yard and garden tools, water hoses, boxes of junk I’ve forgotten the contents of and much more.

Different Types Of Outdoor Storage Sheds

Overview Of The 5 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

Now I get to impress you with some of my insight into outdoor storage sheds by reviewing the top five of them. If you are keeping score, I’m going to review them in random order but you’ll clearly see what I think are the key benefits and advantages of each. I don’t have any brand loyalty, I look more for function and durability so that’s what you may pick up most from what I am going to share here with you.

1. Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed

7.7W x 9.7D x 8H ft (491 cu ft)

The Lifetime 6405 is not a monster-sized shed but it will eat up some real estate measuring approximately 8 feet by 10 feet and it comes with some pretty awesome built-in features which are listed below including a shatter proof window and screened vents.  The doors are great too, when open, you have a 4-foot wide by 6-foot high opening, so no banging your head for the average sized person.

The doors are lockable, are steel-reinforced and have a high arch design. The roof design provides a lot of head room within, so there’s no crawling around on the floor or ducking to prevent smacking your forehead on something.

Lifetime 6405 8 x10ft Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • 4 large skylights to let in tons of light and a shatter proof window to combat kids
  • Customizable shelving system allows you to set shelves at the right heights for your tools
  • Sturdy reinforced flooring, very low maintenance design and pitched roof for drainage

2. Suncast BMS8700 Tremont Storage Shed

8.4W x 7.2D x 8.6H ft (378 cu ft)

You know, even the Suncast BMS8700, which measures approximately 8 feet by 7 feet, can hold a lot of your stuff. If you do the math that comes to 378 cu feet of primo storage space. What I like most about this product is that it has steel reinforced double-wall resin construction which gives it superior strength and a long-lasting design.

Extras that come with this package include 4 skylights and 2 corner shelves. The shelves can be placed in any of 8 different optional locations so I’d call this outdoor storage shed rather versatile.

Suncast BMS8700 Tremont 8 x 7ft Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • 4 skylights to let in tons of light to see what's in the shed easily
  • 2 corner shelves to maximise that dead space that can be placed in 8 different optional configurations, eek!
  • Reinfored double-wall resin construction, meaning you won't need to worry about your shed in rough weather and different seasons

3. Keter Factor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

8.4W x 5.9D x 7.9H ft (285 cu ft)

Alright, if that previous shed was a bit too much for you, the Keter Factor Resin Backyard Shed is about a notch below it. For starters, it measures approximately 8 feet by 6 feet but still provides a maximum of 285 cu ft of storage space. I can jam that full of things without even blinking an eye. This particular shed is constructed from polypropylene resin plastic and has steel reinforcement which spells durability in my house.

The floor has a weight rating of 30 PSF and the roof can handle up to 15 PSF so if it snows where you are, this shed can handle it. Oh, and I should mention that this shed has a wood-like texture that comes in neutral colors so it will fit into any yard décor. The wife will love that one!

Keter Factor Large 8 x 6ft Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • 2 corner shelves to maximise that dead space and store all those annoying bottles and spray cans
  • A skylight to let in natural light that both saves on electricity and gives a greater sense of space
  • Durable and rot resistant Resin construction with totally lockable doors for security

4. Suncast BMS4700 Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed

5.8W x 3.6D x 4.4H ft (70 cu ft)

Well, I can’t get away with explaining to you what the different types and best rated storage sheds are if I don’t review some of the other ones, right? The Suncast BMS4700 is a pretty awesome ‘Stow-Away’ style shed. The maximum space you can fill here is 70 cu feet and where it excels is in the opening mechanism. The lid is easy to open as it has gas shocks.

You can easily store two large 96-gallon garbage containers in this but I use mine for other things. I keep lawn and garden tools, hoses and sprinklers in it and there’s still room for a couple of bicycles and the cushions from our deck chairs. At just over 4 ft tall, it doesn’t get in the way at all.

Suncast BMS4700 Stow Away Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Easy to open gas shock lid and quiet closing so anyone in the family can utilise this stow-away shed with little effort
  • Stores 2 x 96 gallon garbage containters letting you hide your rubbish in fashion and keep your yard looking swish
  • Secure bike storage shed with lockable lid for added property security, keeping your valuables out of sight

5. Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed

2.2W x 2.7D x 5.9H ft (20 cu ft)

Read the first line of the last review again. I’ll wait. This is one of the ‘upright’ sheds I wanted to tell you about simply because it really takes up little space but can give you some pretty handy storage space. I like the Suncast BMS1500 because of the durable double-wall resin construction and it has a wood grain texture to it.

The doors are easy to grip, open, close and lock which is another real bonus here. There’s a reinforced floor so you can load it up with some heavy items and there are shelf supports for 4 wood shelves but you have to supply the wood yourself. In all, a good ‘small space’ storage solution.

Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed, 20cu ft

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Easily fits in any garden and the color will blend with in well with your house colour
  • Supports all ready to go for 4 shelves to store all your small garden tools and potting equipment
  • Reinforced flooring to prevent rot and decay from the weather, keeping your tools safe

The Popular Outdoor Storage Shed Brands

I can’t talk about storage sheds without mentioning some of the brands that are out there. Some of them are exclusive to the storage shed industry and at least one name you are sure to recognize from the many different products they manufacture and sell. Again, in no particular order, here are the top four brands you will come across when shopping for an outdoor storage shed.


This company has won multiple awards around the world for the design and quality craftsmanship that is evident in their products. Keter has been in the resin-based furniture and storage solution business for over 25 years.

Keter Outdoor Storage Solutions Range

What Else Do They Manufacture?

The outdoor product line that they have includes both sheds and storage boxes. They manufacture several different sizes so you are likely to find one that fits your needs.

The company has a number of different product names under their Keter umbrella so look for High Store, Fusion, Store-It-Out and Oakland and you’ll know you have something made to last and keep your stuff stored safely.


The Suncast people have made storage shed selection pretty easy for guys like me. All I have to do is look for an image on their products that represents what I intend to store inside on it. The ‘shop by image’ idea cuts down on time and helps you find the right fit for whatever you plan to stow away in one.

Suncast Outdoor Storage Solutions

What Else Do They Manufacture?

This is another one of those brands that is specific to the storage industry. Also, much like Keter, Suncast manufactures a number of outdoor storage sheds and deck boxes in various sizes and designs. What makes this company a bit more interesting to the average shed shopper is that their product lines include upright, horizontal and hybrid styles along with the standard storage shed designs.

In other words, wander into one of their display lots and expect to spend some time drooling over the numerous options available to you.


Remember me mentioning that there was going to be a brand name you’d recognize? Well, this is it. While Rubbermaid is probably best known for products used indoors for storage and other implements, they have a rather awesome selection of outdoor storage solutions as well.

Company History

The company has history behind it having been in business for well over 80 years. Your mother and grandmother would have owned at least one kitchen storage container that had the company name on it. Hey, if this stuff was tough enough to last in our kitchen when I was a kid, imagine what the outdoor sheds are like made by this company.

Well, I’ll tell you. The high-quality product development department at Rubbermaid expanded into other products in recent years and is responsible for the Roughneck brand of storage sheds.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Sheds

What Else Do They Manufacture?

They also manufacture upright and horizontal sheds along with deck boxes and their Big Max line of sheds. Are they any good? If you have experience with their kitchen storage products, you’ll already know the answer to that one.


You know, with a product name like Lifetime I get the subliminal feeling that they are hinting at longevity. I like how subtle that is and if it only just dawned on you, you’re welcome.

Company History

The company has been around since 1986 and is known for creating high quality products that are affordable and do the job of other outdoor storage sheds that are slightly more expensive.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Sheds

What Else Do They Manufacture?

Where this company has the whole storage shed idea down to a science is that they have essentially a single design. But they have manufactured it into various widths and depths so that if you like how they look, you should be able to find one with the dimensions you need to keep your stuff

One neat extra from Lifetime is that they also have what they call an extension kit. What that does is it allows you to connect multiple sheds together to make an even bigger one than their fifteen foot large size.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market Buying Guide

Now that you know pretty much everything there is to know about outdoor storage sheds, which one will you pick? Well, that is easier said than done. You have to factor in a few other things before you snatch up the first outdoor storage shed with a name you recognize from this article. You need to consider:

  • Where you plan to put it,
  • Do you have enough room for a standard shed or will you have to go smaller?
  • Will the stuff you plan to store fit into that shed or do you need to schedule a yard sale?

Okay, once you get through that process, where do you live? I know, it may sound like an odd question but your climate may determine the building material choice which could also narrow down the shed options for you. You have a few construction material options to wade through and they include:

  • Resin,
  • Plastic,
  • Metal,
  • Composite,
  • Double-walled, and
  • Steel-reinforced.

Some of these sheds will function well in all weather conditions but in extremely warm or cold climates you may want to try something that is metal-based. Or maybe a wood shed kit. But that’s a whole different review article.

Accessories For Your Shed

One more thing. While many of the shed options out there come complete, some are basically the shell, roof and doors. You may have to provide a floor, windows, vents, shelves and other accessories to turn your outdoor shed into the storage space you’ve always dreamed of rather than the one that keeps appearing in your nightmares.

With this in mind, the good folks at the local hardware store can assist you with the chore of figuring out what you need to pimp out that shed. Plus, most storage sheds require some assembly. The odd kit comes with the hardware and tools. Some just require you to provide the tools. Be sure to check beforehand.

Shed Assembly Made Easy

By the way, if I can assemble one of these with my buddy (I have two different sheds) then I guarantee you that you and a friend will be able to do the same. To prove that, here’s a couple videos of a couple folks putting together 2 of my favourite outdoor storage sheds. Enjoy.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds Conclusion

Whew! That was quite the tour, wasn’t it? We covered the different types of outdoor storage sheds and reviewed the 5 Best Storage Sheds on the market (in my opinion). Then I shared with you details on the most popular manufacturer brands.

I gave you some ideas on what you may need to know in order to purchase one of the best outdoor storage sheds for your needs and I mentioned that you can get some extras to personalize your shed. I did all of that to give you a hand when you start the search for your perfect storage shed.

Trust me, it’s not quite as complicated as it may sound but if you follow my suggestions, you won’t be back in the hardware store two weeks from now saying you bought a shed that’s too small or won’t fit where you want it to. Good luck and thanks for sticking it out with me on this! Scroll down a little further to my You May Also Like section to read about my Top 10 Vertical, Horizontal and overall Best Storage Sheds For Your Money articles.

Hi I'm Tom (aka thatshedguy) and as the name implies I'm a fan of outdoor storage sheds and pretty much anything else related to tools and gardening. I have a wood sculpting hobby that keeps me busy for ages out in my own outdoor shed and I absolutely love having a nice clean functional space to work in. That's how I got started blogging about outdoor sheds as I reckon a lot people are missing out on a bit of freedom right in their backyard or the opportunity to store valuables securely.