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Okay, I’ve already written about the things you should not store in your outdoor storage shed…but what should you put in it? Well, that really does depend on what items you own and how you plan to use the storage shed. I’m Tom, and I am going to give you a brief overview of the main items that you should have in your outdoor storage shed. Bear in mind, this is just a loose guide of what I would put in one if I was just starting out with my first shed. You can use yours for virtually anything, to be honest with you. However, I do have a lot of tools and things so I have devised a plan on what the average person should use their storage shed for. Here is what I have come up with.

7 Items You Can Store In Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Today I am going to give you a basic list of things that have no place in your shed and I’ll try to explain why with each. You may not realize that there are several good reasons to keep some items stored in a place other than in your outdoor storage shed.

1. Garden Tools

garden tools

To me, this makes the most sense as to why you would want a storage shed in the first place. Possibly your garage (if you have one) is already filled with tools and other items in addition to a vehicle. However, an outdoor storage shed is going to be sitting out in your yard somewhere in close proximity to your garden. So it is a logical place to store garden tools. This can be anything from water hoses and sprinkling devices to garden hand tools, a lawn mower, garbage cans and beyond.

2. Garden Furniture

garden furniture

Again, because your storage shed is very likely going to be somewhere near your garden, it will be the logical place to keep garden furniture out of the elements. Chairs, tables and whatever else you use to relax or entertain in your garden should be put away for safe keeping in an outdoor storage shed. This will extend their lifespan and keep the items in good condition.

3. Tools


These is the other type of tools that doesn't include those you would typical use for lawn and garden care. In the instance where you may not have a garage or basement workshop, an outdoor storage shed can be the perfect place to house all the tools you would use for other household repairs or chores.

4. Bicycles & Toys

Bicycle and toys

If you have a family, chances are that you have a number of outdoor toys. This may include bikes, pool inflatables and various other pieces of sporting equipment. All of these need a place to be stored and an outdoor storage shed offers you easy access when someone suggests a quick game of street hockey or to shoot some hoops to kill time.

5. Hobbies & Collectibles

Hobbies and Collectibles

While I would not suggest you store anything in your outdoor storage shed that can be damaged from the extreme conditions related to heat or cold. If you are a hobbyist and have a shed that is big enough to permit you space to work on a project during the day, then you should be able to get a great deal of enjoyment out of one.

6. Music & Entertainment

music and entertainment

One way to enhance time spent either working or enjoying your yard or garden is with some music. You can easily take care of this by keeping a radio or a bluetooth speaker in your outdoor storage shed for when you need it. I don’t recommend leaving any kind of electronics in a shed for the long term as temperature and humidity extremes can cause damage to these devices. However, there is nothing that says you can’t use the shed as your personal boom box when you are outdoors.

7. Other Stuff

other stuff

I’m trying very hard to not reference the word ‘junk’ as that is typically what tends to gather inside an outdoor storage shed over time. It’s just easy to put whatever you come across during the day inside the shed to be taken care of ‘later’. And often, later doesn’t really happen. Try not to use your shed in this manner.

Discover Other Ways To Use Your Outdoor Storage Shed

The wonderful thing about owning an outdoor storage shed is that you can do so much with them. Size and shape will dictate most of your access but generally speaking, I find them to be the most useful places to store things I just don’t want to leave lying around in my yard. I’m not paranoid, either. I just want my yard to look neat and tidy and storage sheds help me to achieve this look. Find out which outdoor storage shed is right for you with my indepth Buyers Guide.

Hi I'm Tom (aka thatshedguy) and as the name implies I'm a fan of outdoor storage sheds and pretty much anything else related to tools and gardening. I have a wood sculpting hobby that keeps me busy for ages out in my own outdoor shed and I absolutely love having a nice clean functional space to work in. That's how I got started blogging about outdoor sheds as I reckon a lot people are missing out on a bit of freedom right in their backyard or the opportunity to store valuables securely.

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