I know. It says “About Us” but in reality it really should just say “About Me” because I’m the guy with this website. Hi, I’m Tom aka ThatShedGuy and I’m the one guy you want on your side when you are out there searching for the best outdoor storage shed. After all it's totally important to ensure all your outdoor stuff is secure and out of the weather.

Why I Started Top Outdoor Storage Sheds

That’s actually how I started this website. You see when I’m not working, I’m usually goofing around with power and hand tools. This orignated from my interest in woodworking that actually dates back to my high school years. While most of the guys in my class, and one girl I seem to recall were all exploring their testosterone levels in the metal shop. I was checking out the woodworking shop.

There’s something about cutting, planing and drilling wood into something useful that I really enjoy a lot more than the clanging of metal and the stench of an acetylene torch. Know what I mean? I just find that the right piece of wood can become a piece of art when you work with a sander or fine tooth file. I just love how wood responds to stain, shellac and paint.

Best Outdoor Storage Shed
Hi, I’m Tom and I’m crazy about Outdoor Storage Sheds

Anyway, I sort of veered there.

It’s from my interest in woodworking that I got my first outdoor storage shed. I kind of look at it as my unofficial workshop that doubles as a storage shed. Finding the right fit was challenging because at the time I thought all storage sheds were equal. The only difference being size. Was I ever wrong.

My Hunt For The Best Outdoor Storage Shed

It took me a long time to research and plan my shed shopping. I measured and re-measured where I wanted to put one in my yard and then I went to the hardware store. It was painful to see that what I wanted wasn't exactly what was available. So I went back home with catalogues and plotted a different plan. I eventually found the perfect fit and I haven’t looked back.

In fact, it was my girlfriend Dale who inspired this website. She came over one day when I was wrestling with my final decision and caught me in the middle of a debate with myself on the value of double-walled poly construction versus a solid wood shed. It eventually moved into whether or not I really needed lockable door handles on my storage shed. By the time I got to figuring out if a reinforced floor would support my table-saw, Dale said something quite profound.

“Why don’t you teach others how to shop for an outdoor storage shed now that you’ve done all the homework on it?”

Well, actually she said something a little shorter than that, but I knew what she meant. So I approached the local community college to see if I could offer a course of some kind. All I found were dead ends. Then Dale told me what she actually meant with her comment, which was:

“I said, why don’t you put all your research online in a website or blog to share with others, you dumbass!”

Again, I’m paraphrasing but the last part is pure Dale.

Thus, The Creation Of My Shed Blog

Anyway, that’s why this website is here. I want to save you the time and stress of looking up all of this stuff when you are shopping for a storage solution. It's led me to purchase a couple of other sheds. And although I am far from an expert, I’m pretty sure I know a few more things about storage sheds than you do. So I’m here if you ever want to pick my brain, just head over to my Contact Page and email your question off.

So that's all about me, Tom, and yes I’m pretty fond of researching the best outdoor storage sheds that I can find. Thanks for stopping by and checking my shed blog out. Below is my recommendation to you if you're in the market for a great storage shed.

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