Best Large Horizontal Storage Sheds

Okie dokie. Tom with you again to take a closer look at the storage sheds that many of us call deck boxes or garbage containers. Otherwise known as extra large horizontal storage sheds. These are sort of the short and stout cousins of your standard vertical sheds.

If you could imagine cartoon physics pushing down on a vertical storage shed, your end result would be a horizontal shed. I’m hoping that gives you a better visual than tipping a vertical shed on its side. Because horizontal outdoor storage sheds offer much more than that. Not all of them have doors, either. Some have lids! Here’s a review of ten of the best of them.

Overview of the Top 10 Horizontal Storage Sheds

1. Keter Store-It-Out Horizontal Outdoor Shed

4.2W x 2.4D x 3.6H ft (30 cu ft)

The Keter Store-It-Out is a nifty little storage shed offering 30 cubic feet of generous space. It is made from polypropylene resin plastic and is has steel reinforcement to keep this box solid and strong. There’s even a stylish wood-look texture to the exterior which makes it fit into any yard with ease.

It’s also an easy to clean shed which will stay clean with periodic washes of mild detergent and water. Inside you’ll find space to store 2 x 32-gallon trash containers and some smaller stuff. Additionally, there is also a built-in shelf support. giving you a bit more room. However you do need to supply the shelf yourself.

Keter Store-It-Out Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Easily stores 2 x 32 gallon garbage containers keeping those eye sores out of sight and safe from animals
  • Has an additional built-in support for a shelf if to store your outdoor furniture cushions and dining accessories
  • The hydraulic gas piston operated lid make this horizontal outdoor shed super easy for anyone to use, and the lid is lockable

2. Suncast BMS4700 Stow-Away Storage Shed

5.8W x 3.6D x 4.4H ft (70 cu ft)

The Suncast BMS4700 is a 70 cubic foot storage shed that is aptly named a ‘stow-away’ because you can keep a 2 x 96 gallon garbage containers in it. As well as a few other bits and pieces too. What I like most about this particular product is that it has an easy to open lid which is outfitted with gas shocks.

It stands at 4.4 feet tall which means you can also put patio cushions, bicycles and lawn equipment in it. There will even be room to spare after you put your garbage containers in there.

Suncast BMS4700 Stow Away Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Easy open action lid with gas shocks which means anyone can use it without getting their fingers caught (ouch!)
  • The perfect hide-away for your trash cans, easily fitting 2 x 96 gallon containers
  • Keep your families bikes safe and secure by having a great storage solution right in you backyard, and it's lockable!

3. Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

4.4W x 2.6D x 4.4H ft (34 cu ft)

Made from durable double-wall resin, the Suncast BMS2500 Shed comes with a reinforced floor so it can handle some of the heavier things you plan to stash away inside of it. This model is really great because it has a 3-door locking system for added security. You just never know when a raccoon may figure out how to get into it.

The lid has an easy lift mechanism and there is a front double-door for additional access. That should explain the 3-door part for you. The unit is pretty easy to put together as it has an easy bolt assembly design so you can piece it together without a major tool kit. It comes is neutral colours – vanilla with ‘stoney’ doors – and has 34 cubic feet of space.

Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • The easy bolt assembly makes putting this shed together a breeze requiring very minimal tools
  • 3-door locking system for added security using the front double doors and top lid with prop rod
  • Reinforced floor can handle all your heavier and bulkier pieces of equipment

4. Keter Store-It-Out MAX Storage Shed

4.7W x 2.6D x 3.6H ft (42 cu ft)

When you see the word ‘max’ in the name of a product, it should give you a hint about what to expect from the Keter Store-It-Out MAX Storage Shed. This Keter shed doesn'tdisappoint because it is a pretty big unit that you can stuff to the max and still have some room left over for other things. It holds 42 cubic feet of storage space including room for 2 massive 63 gallon trash cans.

As max as this one is, it still features some of the details that are part of the traditional Keter brand. Which include the stylish wood-like texture, neutral colours and polypropylene resin plastic construction with steel reinforcements. Overall, this is a well-named horizontal storage shed that is sure to impress you.

Keter Store-It-Out MAX Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Extremely durable resin horizontal outdoor storage unit due to the polypropylene plastic materials used. Steel reinforcement and impact resistant flooring with build in shelving supports.
  • Functions as a great versatile storage solution for keeping your garden equipment and patio accessories dry and safe with the security latch door
  • Top opening lid has hydraulic pistons for easy operation that can be customized to attach a linking chain to the top of your garbage container (never touch your trash can again!)

5. Suncast BMS3400 Horizontal Shed

4.4W x 2.7D x 3.8H ft (34 cu ft)

I'm a big fan of storage sheds you can lock and this is another one of those types. The Suncast BMS3400 has a padlock hasp built into the doors which open to 46 ¼ inches wide by 40 ¼ inches high for easy access. This unit happens to have a 34 cubic foot capacity and has a couple of bonuses.

The floor is reinforced so if you manage to squeeze some heavy equipment into it, the shed floor won’t cave, buckle or dip on you. At just 53-inch wide, you should be able to find a great place for this storage shed in your yard without eating up a lot of space.

Suncast BMS3400 Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Store your lawn equipment in a pleasing Beige color storage unit or keep your children's bikes secure and out of harms way
  • UV, rot, decay and peel resistance due to the polypropylene resin plastic materials used
  • Stash your heavy and bulky garden equipment in here without worrying about damaging your floor because it's reinforced!

6. Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed

5W x 2.6D x 3.9H ft (32 cu ft)

Featuring double-wall resin construction, the Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed is sturdy and durable. It’s also leak, dent and weather resistant so you can keep this outside and use it all year if you really wanted to. The roof is actually a hinged lid that opens and closes easily and has a lockable design. However you do have to supply the lock yourself.

If you’re like me, you probably have a couple of padlocks lying around in your workshop anyway. Oh, and this package includes a heavy-duty floor mat.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Hinged roof opening for easy accessibility and storage of your larger lawn items and equipment
  • Built-in shelf support to customize with your own shelf for an extra storage area
  • Comes in a beautiful Olive and Sandstone color palette to match any backyard decor (tell the wife that one!)

7. Suncast BMS3200 Horizontal Storage Shed

4.6W x 2.6D x 4.2H ft (32 cu ft)

The design of the Suncast BMS3200 Horizontal Storage Shed is pretty sweet in my opinion. It has doors that are outfitted with metal hardware and not only are there two front doors but the lid opens up as well. The hand prop rod is what you use to keep it open or hold in place. The floor is reinforced to handle heavy items and the shed itself is made from double-wall resin for durability.

There’s a wood grain texture pressed into the exterior so you can safely put this anywhere in your yard and it won’t look out of place. Like that rusting car over there. This also has a shelf support but you need to supply the shelf yourself.

Suncast BMS3200 Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Very pleasing wood texture design in Taupe & Brown that'll look great in our yard, patio or pool area
  • Reinforced floor for storing your heavier lawn equipment and robust metal reinforced doors for added security
  • Durable plastic resin construction ensuring your storage shed won't rot, rust, dent, fade or decay over time

8. Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

4.6W x 2.3D x 3H ft (18 cu ft)

This is another Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed that is designed in such a way that you can use it to hold your patio furniture, lawn and garden equipment supplies. Made with tough double-walled material, this shed will not rot or rust like wood or metal sheds can over time.

There’s an impact resistant floor that comes with this model which is pretty handy if you live in a colder climate and need to protect some of your stuff. The unit dimensions in inches are 28 x 55 x 36 so you get a picture of what sort of size that actually is. Plus, if you have a shelf you’d like to install, there is a built-in shelf support just waiting for you to notice it.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • A neat little unit that is idea for storing your smaller patio, lawn and gardening equipment
  • Take advantage of the built-in shelf support and add an extra wooden shelf to maximise your shed real estate
  • Durable double-wall plastic resin construction and impact resistant flooring create a very robust and sturdy unit that can solve a lot of your storage issues

9. Rubbermaid Outdoor Split-Lid Storage Shed

4.7W x 2.3D x 3H ft (18 cu ft)

There’s something very special about this Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed that has a Split-Lid. It gives you access from either side and that will prove to be handy at times when you need it most. The lid is also lockable. Made from double-wall resin, Rubbermaid have made these sheds touch and long lasting.

The resin is leak, dent and weather proof so you can keep this shed outside and use it all year round if you want to. It has an 18 cubic foot capacity and comes in an olive and sandstone color combo. In other words, neutral colors to make it easy on you when finding a spot to put it.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Split-Lid Horizontal Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • The awesome split-lid design allows easy access from either side with individual hinging rods
  • Perfect accompany unit to your pool or deck area. The Olive & Sandstone color palette will blend in seamlessly anywhere
  • With the impact resistant flooring, lockable doors and durable plastic resin construction, you won't be replacing this bad boy anytime soon

10. Lifetime Products 60170 Storage Box

4.7W x 2.3D x 3H ft (18 cu ft)

Although I find most outdoor sheds attractive in many ways. Lifetime has gone to the trouble to actually market this model as having an “attractive appearance and design” and I agree. Made from high density polypropylene, which also happens to contain UV protection, the Lifetime 60170 Horizontal Storage Box has walls that are strong, won’t fade, crack or peel.

The doors are lockable with an external hinged latch and the lid has a controlled spring hinge to prevent it from popping open when you want to get inside. This shed is designed specifically as an outdoor storage shed for garbage can. But as you can see from the pictures, other things can be stored easily as well.

Lifetime 60170 Horizontal Storage Box

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Ideal for hiding away those 2 large garbage cans that are putting a downer on how you yard looks
  • Great for fitting in tight areas and giving you a nifty looking storage box in an otherwise unusable part of your patio
  • Controlled spring hinged door with no chance of getting you or your kids fingers snapped (ouch!)

Best Large Horizontal Storage Sheds Conclusion

As you know, I’m a fan of all types of outdoor storage sheds. Some of the most under rated, yet highly functional ones in my mind happen to be the horizontal deck box-type of sheds. As you now know, they come in various sizes and styles designed to fit into whatever location you plan to put them.

Most of them lock but all of them do what a good shed should do. Which is hold things in a single spot and keep them safe from the weather. Hopefully my opinion here of the Best Large Horizontal Storage Sheds has given you a different perspective on how to address your storage needs. And hey, you’re welcome!

Hi I'm Tom (aka thatshedguy) and as the name implies I'm a fan of outdoor storage sheds and pretty much anything else related to tools and gardening. I have a wood sculpting hobby that keeps me busy for ages out in my own outdoor shed and I absolutely love having a nice clean functional space to work in. That's how I got started blogging about outdoor sheds as I reckon a lot people are missing out on a bit of freedom right in their backyard or the opportunity to store valuables securely.

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