Best Large Vertical Storage Sheds

Alrighty! Tom here again with a rather detailed look at a great selection of large vertical storage sheds. If you aren’t too sure what that means, let me explain. A vertical storage shed is typically the smallest of the outdoor storage sheds manufactured. As a result, they take up less space but provide excellent storage in a vertical space.

Think an apartment building of several stories as opposed to a rancher-style home and you may get a visual to help you understand the main design of a vertical storage shed. These are great for stashing away a lot of tall tools and some are perfect for shelving to give you even more storage space. Here’s a look at the 10 Best Rated Vertical Storage Sheds (in my opinion).

Overview Of The Top 10 Large Vertical Storage Sheds

1. Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed

2.2W x 2.7D x 5.9H ft (20 cu ft)

The Suncast BMS1500 is a pretty nifty looking storage shed in that it has a wood grain texture making it look as if it is made of something other than the double-wall resin that it really is made of. What I like most about the double-wall resin construction is that it is durable. The floor of this unit is reinforced so you can store some pretty heavy items inside without fear of damaging the shed.

The doors are robust – a word I rarely use – with easy grip handles that can accommodate padlocks for security. There is shelf supports on the inside for a total of 4 shelves but you have to supply the wood yourself. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is a small price to pay to own one the top quality garden sheds available today.

Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed, 20 cubit ft

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Supports all ready to go for 4 wooden shelves, giving you 4 equal storage spaces for all those smaller items
  • Reinforced floor for your heavier items and great wood texture to blend in with your house/garden decor
  • Durable and rot resistant Resin construction with lockable doors

2. Rubbermaid Plastic Small Vertical Storage Shed

2.1W x 2.5D x 6H ft (17 cu ft)

Pop Quiz! What’s Olive/Sandstone in colour and has 17 cubic feet of storage space? If you guessed anything other than a vertical storage shed, what are you doing here? This Rubbermaid model has a double-wall construction making it really strong. Plus, it is leak-resistant, dent-resistant, weather-resistant and I wish my shirt was wrinkle-resistant which makes this shed built to last. The storage capacity means long-handled tools and small outdoor items can fit inside with ease.

The heavy-duty floor happens to be impact-resistant, much more than my vehicle is. In other words, this is a small plastic vertical storage shed that may outlast everything you jam into it. You can add wood shelves, but those are extra and just so you know, some assembly is required.

Rubbermaid Plastic Small Vertical Storage Shed For Your Backyard

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Leak, dent and weather resistant, meaning you won't need to replace this little beauty anytime soon
  • Reinforced floor for your heavier items that won't deteriorate over time
  • Without the shelving this is totally ideal for storing all your long-handled gardening tools like rakes, brooms and ladders

3. Suncast BMS4500 Large Vertical Storage Shed

4.7W x 2.5D x 6.6H ft (52 cu ft)

Here’s another one from Suncast that has that funky wood grain texture, is also double-walled and made from resin. The Suncast BMS4500 Large Vertical Storage Shed doors are big and the handles are easy to grip and can be locked with padlocks to keep your garden tools and other goodies safe.

The floor is reinforced so I can jump up and down for joy when I figure out how to get all my stuff inside of it. Again, there is shelf supports but you need to supply the wood for them – a total of 4 and as I’ve said before, not a big deal. For me, I have wood all over the yard well, not all over it but I have some so it costs me nothing to cut it to fit.

Suncast BMS4500 Large Vertical Storage Shed For Outdoors

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Accommodates 4 wooden shelves (you need to supply the wood yourself) giving you a ton of space for all your knick-knacks
  • Very robust doors with grip lock handles that a lockable, keeping your goods safe
  • Double wall resin construction and reinforced floor with a sloped lid to get your heavier items in easier

4. Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Tool Shed

2.7W x 2.1D x 6H ft (20 cu ft)

Here are the dimensions in inches: 32 W x 24.75 D x 72 H. It doesn’t matter how you add them up, it means that the Suncast BMS1250 vertical storage shed has a 20 cubic foot capacity. What can you do with that? Don’t make me answer that. It’s a storage shed!!!

This particular one is blow molded which sounds sort of high-tech to me and the doors can be locked with a padlock hasp. If you have an abundance of long-handled tools and garden gremlins and other items you’ll be able to get them all into this shed.

Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Tool Shed For Your Backyard

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Blow molded design, meaning all these parts can be easily connected together with very little tools required
  • Lockable doors with padlock hasp to keep those nosey neighbors out
  • Ready for 4 wooden shelves to be installed or alternatively leave the shelves out and store all your long-handled gardening equipment

5. Keter High Store Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

4.5W x 2.5D x 6H ft (55 cu ft)

Say you want a vertical shed you can do some tweaking with. You know, paint it a different colour and drill some holes in the walls for extra hanging hooks and shelves and stuff. Well, the Keter Highstore is your shed. It is 54.9 L x 30.3 W x 71.5 H (inches, again) so you can sort of picture what size that is.

The wall panels are thick and rib reinforced for super-duper strength. There are adjustable brackets so you can put two shelves wherever you want and as I mentioned, drill some holes for more and paint it yellow or pink or whatever you want to give it some flair.

Keter High Store Vertical Outdoor Resin Storage Shed For Your Backyard

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • The walls are drillable for additional storage accessories like hanging hooks, shelves and pegboards
  • Totally customizable design with thick reinforced walls to withstand crazy weather and crazy kids
  • Includes 2 adjustable brackets for shelving, however you do need to buy the wood shelves separately

6. Suncast BMS5700 Vertical Shed

3W x 1D x 6H ft (54 cu ft)

The Suncast BMS5700 is a pleasing sand-coloured shed that has a total of 54 cubic feet of storage space. It has double doors that have handles that are padlock-ready but you have to supply the padlocks, which I would have expected to have to do anyway.

There’s a reinforced floor which will probably support my mother-in-law and this shed is a snap to assemble. That doesn’t mean it snaps together because it doesn’t. It’s just an expression to indicate it’s quick and easy to do. Oh, and it has built-in supports for wood shelving.

Suncast BMS5700 Vertical Storage Shed For Your Backyard

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes in a 2-tone color design - Sand for the doors and walls, Mustang for the roof
  • Includes 3 built-in areas for wooden shelving, however you do need to buy the wood shelves separately
  • Lockable handles with double door opening allows you to easily pack away and retrieve your larger garden equipment

7. Rubbermaid Plastic Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

4.3W x 2.6D x 6.8H ft (52 cu ft)

As one of the best rated resin sheds, the Rubbermaid is truly an amazing vertical storage shed. It is made from really tough double-walled resin and has an impact-resistant floor. Because this is made from a material other than wood or metal, rusting and rotting are out of the picture. You can customize this model with all kinds of extra do-dads from pegboard to racks to shelving.

One important point to make here is that putting this vertical storage shed together is not a one-person job. You are going to need two more buddies. One to help with the assembly and the other to watch over the beer cooler during to assembly phase.

Rubbermaid Plastic Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed For Your Backyard

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Fully customizable for shelving, pegboards, anchor points and hanging accessories to keep your items off the floor and orderly
  • Lockable handles and double door opening allows you to easily pack away and retrieve your larger garden equipment
  • Tough double resin wall construction and reinforced and impact resistant floor will protect your equipment from inclement weather

8. Suncast Vertical Utility Shed

2.7W x 2.2D x 5.9H ft (20 cu ft)

The Suncast Resin Vertical Utility Shed is also a double-wall resin storage shed. It comes in sand colour and offers a total of 20 cubic feet of primo storage capacity. The double doors are hefty and have easy grip handles, which come in handy if you happen to be wearing garden gloves or some other hand covering.

The floor is also reinforced and where this specific vertical storage shed wins my favour is in the assembly. It has what the manufacturer calls “easy bolt” assembly which translates to mean, you should be able to put this together with minimal tools and effort.

Suncast Resin Vertical Utility Shed For Outdoors

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Labelled an 'Easy Bolt' assembly, meaning you can have this shed up in no time with minimal tools
  • Robust double doors with easy-grip handles, no more fumbling around when you're wearing gloves
  • Accommodates 1 shelf at the very top to store all those loose, smaller gardening accessories

9. Suncast BMS6500 Blow Molded Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

4.7W x 4.1D x 6.6H ft (98 cu ft)

So, the Suncast BMS6500 is another one of those Blow Molded top quality garden sheds. This one gives you 98 cubic feet of storage and has strong, durable doors with easy grip handles. The double doors open to 47.5 inches wide by 74-inches tall so you should be able to get most anything in your yard, minus your car, inside.

If you were able to squeeze your vehicle into this shed – which you won’t be able to do – the reinforced floor could probably handle the extra weight. It’s a pretty awesome shed, to be honest with you.

Suncast BMS6500 Blow-Molded Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Large double-door opening to easily store and access all your garden and sport equipment
  • Sturdy floor to accommodate your heavier items and constructed of durable multi-wall resin that is UV resistant
  • Comes in a pretty swish 2-tone color of Taupe and Mocha (throw that lingo your wifes way and she'll want one too)

10. Rubbermaid Roughneck Medium Vertical Storage Shed

4.6W x 4.3D x 6.4H ft (106 cu ft)

This isn’t called a Roughneck for nothing. It’s massive in that it provides 106 cubic feet of incredible storage space which means you can get a lawn mower, adult bicycles and other non-gardening related things inside and still have room for the stuff you originally wanted to store in this shed.

The double-wall construction and impact-resistant floor give this shed some solid footing and strength. Plus, since it’s not wood and it’s not metal it won’t rot or rust sitting in your yard. You can give it the personal touch with pegboards, shelves and racks but it will take you and your neighbour to put it together.

Rubbermaid Roughneck Medium Vertical Storage Shed For Outdoors

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Impact resistanct floor which is very ideal for storing your larger items such as Lawn Mower, Adult Bicycles and larger lawn equipment
  • Completely customizable with shelving, anchor points, pegboards and hanging hooks to maximise storage space and keep your shed orderly
  • Tough double-wall construction provides a sustainable barrier against rough weather and changing seasons

Best Large Vertical Storage Sheds Conclusion

Well, what have we learned here? Aside from the fact that I’m a bit obsessed with large vertical storage sheds? Actually, there has been a lot of great information shared here. I think that if you were just starting out and looking for your first vertical tool shed, this breakdown of the ten best (disclaimer: in my opinion) will give you a snapshot of what each has to offer.

You just have to figure out what space you have available to use in your yard and what you intend to store in it. Once you figure all of that out, you’ll have a better idea which of these will be the best choice for your outdoor storage needs.

In the meantime, now that you are all over Vertical Storage Sheds, why not check out my other Top 10 Shed Articles:

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