Best Storage Shed For The Money

Hey! How’s it going? Tom here with another extensive tour of outdoor storage sheds. This time around I’m going to share with you some details on the biggies. I’m talking the kind of backyard storage shed that gives you some shade in addition to a great big space to store some stuff. I like these sheds because they hold a lot and not just hand tools and rakes and shovels. These are the outdoor storage sheds that are designed to house bigger things and still look great sitting way over there in the corner of your yard.

So, let’s quit wasting time and get right on to my Top 10 List Of The Best Storage Shed For The Money that you can purchase today

Overview of the 10 Best Storage Sheds aka Miniature Houses

1. Keter Factor Large Garden Storage Shed

8.4W x 5.9D x 7.9H ft (285 cu ft)

The Keter Factor Large Outdoor Resin Shed is a big freakin’ storage shed. It measures approximatley 8 x 6 feet and provides 285 cubic feet of storage space. It looks great because it has a stylish wood-like texture in neutral colours. The manufacturer says that was by design so that this shed will pretty much fit into any setting. Provided your house isn’t painted in some outrageous colour combination.

The Keter Factor Shed has steel reinforced polypropylene resin plastic construction which is not just strong but it is also durable. The floor weight capacity is listed at 30 PSF and the roof can handle up to 15 PSF. But can it hold your stuff? Sure it can, provided you aren’t trying to jam a whole house into it.

Best Storage Shed For The Money - Keter Factor Large Resin Storage Shed, 8x6ft

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Awesome floor weight capacity of 30 PSF for your bulky and heavier pieces of equipment
  • Say good-bye to a dark and musty shed with the built-in skylight and window that lets in lots of natural light
  • Comes with 2 shelves and brackets for mounting. The roof is ventilated and the doors are 100% lockable! Need I say anymore.

2. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed

15W x 8D x 8H ft (750 cu ft)

If you like your storage sheds to look like miniature houses, the Lifetime 6446 Miniature House Storage Shed is one you have to look at to truly appreciate. It measures an impressive 8 x 15 feet and is made from low maintenance dual wall, UV protected high density polyethylene. With the steel wall supports this shed is built to last.

An added feature is heavy-duty steel trusses with a 10-year limited warranty to give the roof some extra oomph. Then there’s the extras that come included which reads like an aisle in your average hardware store.

It comes with 6 small skylights, a pair of shatterproof polycarbonate windows and a couple of screened vents. Additionally there is also two decorative shutters, 2 peg strips, 2 x 90 inch by 9 inch shelves and 4 corner shelves. Plus a partridge in a pear tree.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds On The Market - Lifetime 6446 Large Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Huge add-in bonuses include 6 x skylights, 2 x shatter proof windows, 2 x screened vents, 2 x decorative shutters, 2 x peg strips, 2 x straight shelves and 4 x corner shelves (take a breath!)
  • High pitched ceilings! So no more cramped sheds that you need to duck to get in and you can store all your taller pieces of equipment with ease (think surfboards and ladders)
  • Low maintenance construction that is UV, rot and weather resistant. The most you'll have to do each season is give it a hose down. (Secretly one of my favourite sheds)

3. Keter Factor Large Outdoor Yard Garden Storage Shed

8.4W x 10.8D x 8H ft (550 cu ft)

Need to hide part of your yard? Well the Keter Factor 8 x 11 feet Large Outdoor Resin Shed will certainly do the job and give you a nifty place to store some gear. It has a capacity of 550 cubic feet. The wall texture resembles wood and is available in neutral colours (taupe and brown). So it’ll fit in wherever you choose to plant it.

What I like about this particular shed is that it may be made from polypropylene resin plastic. And it has steel reinforcing to keep it in shape and to give it the durability an outdoor shed requires. I also like that I can get a lot more than just garden tools into this one and if you plan it right. You can stack stuff right to the roof.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds On The Market - Keter Factor Large Resin Storage Shed, 8x11ft

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes in super stylish neutral colors of Taupe and Brown with 2 shelves and brackets
  • You won't be replacing this beauty anytime soon because it is made from highly durable polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced with steel trusses
  • Strategically placed 3-D vents for adequate ventilation and long skinny skylightsto  let in natural light

4. Keter Fusion Large Yard Garden Storage Shed

7.5W x 9.4D x 8.3H ft (411 cu ft)

The Keter Fusion Large Wood & Composite Outdoor Storage Shed gives you 411 cubic feet of space. What really makes this an eco-friendly choice is that it is made out of recycled plastics and wood industry waste. Which means the composite that it is created from won’t decay, rust or corrode.

I give this one extra-extra bonus points for having the rather unique mahogany colour. That makes it a perfect fit in your yard and it may even class it up a touch. The walls are double paneled and can be drilled if you want to add extra shelves, hooks or whatever you figure will work.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds On The Market - Keter Fusion Large Plastic Wood Composite Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes in an eloquent Mahogany finish which is sure to uplift the appeal of your backyard
  • The double-paneled walls are drillable for customization such as hanging hooks, shelves and pegboards
  • The high-pitched roof makes the Fusion weather resistant by automatic drainage of built-up snow

5. Keter Manor Large Garden Storage Shed

6.1W x 7.8D x 7.5H ft (291 cu ft)

Another great shed from Keter, the Keter Manor Large Resin Backyard Storage Shed features that really cool looking wood-like texture and will fill a space measuring 6 feet by 8 feet. Providing a total of 291 cubic feet of space for storage (take a breath).

Just like all the other Keter products, this one has those polypropylene resin plastic walls with steel reinforcing to make ‘em last and that they are sure to do. This may not be the biggest shed but it is big enough to stash garbage containers, lawnmowers and long-handled tools With space to spare for all your other do-dads you may need when you are out in the yard working for the afternoon.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds On The Market - Keter Manor Large Outdoor Backyard Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes in a rustic grey color with a wood texture finish which will certainly add a bit of character to your backyard
  • Because of the plastic resin material it is made from it won't ever rust, peel, flake or dent. The only reason you would ever need to replace it, would be to upsize
  • Built in skylight and window lets in all that natural light and the added ventilation ensures your shed doesn't get musty

6. Suncast BMS8130 Tremont Storage Shed

8.4W x 13.3D x 8.6H ft (715 cu ft)

For fans of oddball sizes, this could be the shed for you. I say that only because the Suncast BMS8130 Tremont is one that measures 13.3 x 8.4 feet. Don’t get me wrong here, sometimes the space you have picked to place an outdoor storage shed is between two buildings. Meaning you are probably going to have an odd shaped space to fill.

I would pick this one for such a job partly because of the non-standard size and partly because it is as good an outdoor storage shed as it is an indoor one. You read that correctly. This is a good indoor storage shed option for your garage or wherever you need it as well.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market - Suncast BMS8130 Tremont Resin Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • This beauty comes with 4 corner shelves with 8 optional locations So no need to leave your tools on the floor anymore
  • Want some natural light? Then you've got it with the 8 included skylights!
  • The flooring is reinforced to roll a tractor mower in and out. Keeping your most prize possession safe and secure

7. Lifetime 6405 Storage Shed

7.7W x 9.7D x 8H ft (491 cu ft)

The Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed is such a big unit that it comes in 2 separate boxes for assembly. It measures approximately 8 x 10 feet and has to be built on a level foundation of wood or concrete in order to be effective. It has a floor made of high density polypropylene which won’t crack, peel or otherwise weaken. Addiitonally it is also a slip resistant surface.

It’s also stain resistant and the high-pitched roof has A-frame trusses which results in serious head space. The steel reinforced doors are high arched and when open give you a 4 foot wide by 6 foot high entry. Oh, the doors are also lockable but that's not all, the bonuses are listed below.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market - Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes with 4 large skylights for letting all that natural light in to see what's in your shed
  • Has 2 built-in screen vents for letting the fresh air in without the bugs, as well as a shatterproof window
  • Lots of additional shelving options included which are 3 straight edge shelves (1 small and 2 large) and 2 corner shelves

8. Keter Fusion Composite Outdoor Storage Shed

7.5W x 7.5D x 8.1H ft (310 cu ft)

The Keter Fusion is another one of those really great looking mahogany storage sheds from Keter that contains recycled plastic and wood industry waste in a composite material that is super strong. Measuring 7.5 x 7.5 feet, you can get 310 cubic feet of your yard and garden supplies inside this one.

The double-panel wood-plastic composite can be painted, drilled and otherwise manhandled to suit your purposes. But you may also just like the way it looks once you get it put together. The composite, by the way, won’t rust, corrode, rot, warp, crack or any of those other things that other materials tend to do.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market - Keter Fusion Large Plastic Wood Composite Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • The double-wall panels are drillable and customizable for all your shelving and hanging needs
  • Want to paint it? Well you can if you're that way inclined, otherwise the unique Mahogany finish as mentioned is great already
  • Lockable for security and ventilated to ensure your shed doesn't have its own unique 'shed' smell

9. Suncast BMS6510D Blow Molded Storage Shed

6.2W x 5.4D x 7.7H ft (201 cu ft)

We are getting close to the end here, so stick with me. The Suncast BMS6510D is 6 x 5 feet and made of blow molded material. The double doors are solid with handles that are sturdy and can be locked for security. The floor has extra reinforcement and roof support comes from a metal truss and ridge beam configuration.

The windows and doors contain a grid panel and what else can I tell you about this shed other than it is strong and durable. Which is all thanks to the blow molded construction. In other words, a mold is used and the material is blown into the mold and when it dries you have a panel. I’ve simplified it, but you get the idea.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market - Suncast BMS6510D Blow Molded Resin Backyard Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Comes with 2 skylights and cute panel door windows to let in natural light to see what's actually in your shed
  • Durable multi-wall resin, blow-molded construction ensures year round use and easy maintenance
  • Easily store all your long-handled tools, brooms, ladders and wheel barrows. No need to leave them out in the weather any longer

10. Suncast BMS8700 Tremont Storage Shed

8.4W x 7.2D x 8.6H ft (378 cu ft)

And we have arrived at the home stretch! The very last of my Top 10 is the Suncast BMS8700 Tremont Storage Shed (yep another of the Tremont series). The size of this one though is around 8 x 7 feet which calculates to 378 cubic feet of nooks and crannies to pile, stack, hang and store whatever you want.

The door opens to 60 inches wide by 72 inches high and the walls of this unit are made from steel reinforced double-wall resin. Meaning, once again they are going to last a long, long time. There are some extras with this package which includes 4 skylights and 2 corner shelves that can go in any of 8 different locations.

Best Storage Sheds On The Market - Suncast BMS8700 Tremont Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Storage Shed Highlights:

  • Like most in this series, this one comes with 4 corner shelves to go in the 8 optional locations keeping your small items orderly
  • The 4 included skylights really light this shed up and make the most out of those great sunny days!
  • Store your ride-on-mower and tractor without worrying about damaging your flooring, it's reinforced just for that

Best Storage Shed For The Money Conclusion

Well, this is where I’m supposed to come up with some kind of profound message about the importance of choosing the best storage shed that meet your requirements. Instead, I’m going to remind you about what I do.

If I’m looking for a storage shed, I measure the ground where I want to put it. I then try to imagine what tools and gadgets and stuff I plan to keep inside of it. This will tell me roughly how big a shed I’ll need. With a little bit of flexibility in my measuring, I can pretty much pick the shed I need and still have some room left over.

Oh, and the most important part of the equation is, when you figure what size you need, go one size bigger. Because you don’t want to have to do that after you’ve assembled it and tried filling it. Only to discover you need a couple more cubic feet to get everything inside. Good luck and I hope my review of the Best Storage Shed For The Money has been helpful.

In the meantime, now that you are all over the Miniature Style House Storage Sheds, why not check out my other Top 10 Shed Articles below.

Hi I'm Tom (aka thatshedguy) and as the name implies I'm a fan of outdoor storage sheds and pretty much anything else related to tools and gardening. I have a wood sculpting hobby that keeps me busy for ages out in my own outdoor shed and I absolutely love having a nice clean functional space to work in. That's how I got started blogging about outdoor sheds as I reckon a lot people are missing out on a bit of freedom right in their backyard or the opportunity to store valuables securely.

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