What Size Outdoor Shed Do You Need

How’s it going? I’m Tom and I’m the guy everyone seems to think knows all there is to know about outdoor storage sheds. Well, I know how that started. It has to do with my interest in storage solutions. In fact, it appears that wherever I go now I find even more designs and options that can turn the average storage shed into a fine looking outbuilding in your yard. Gone are the days where the best you could do was a small lean-to wrapped in tarps. I’ve seen storage units that can hold just garbage cans and lawn furniture right on up to massive styles that resemble miniature houses minus the insulation and foundation. There are a lot of different types of storage solutions available to you.

4 Tips To Determining The Size Outdoor Storage Shed You Need

With that in mind, I’d like to explore something I get asked frequently by the guys I know around town who are shopping for a shed. They usually have no real idea of what size outdoor storage shed they need. So, that’s what I am going to discuss here today.

1. Go Big Or Go Home

go big or go home

This may be an obvious one for you or maybe it won’t be. Once you finally pin down the volume of items you plan to store in your storage shed, don’t go for that exact size. I’ll tell you a story why you don’t want to do that. When I got my second outdoor storage shed I was going to use it just to house my outdoor ride-on lawn mower. I found a design that was made almost exactly to fit just that piece of equipment.

So, as I was considering just ordering one I decided to visit the hardware store to see if maybe they had a model on display. Well, they did. I got inside of it and realized I had all kinds of additional garden tools I wanted to store with the mower. I needed a bigger shed. So, the tip here is to get a shed a size larger than you think you need.

2. Consider The Door Openings

consider the door openings

I know, a door is a door, right? Well, when you look at doors on storage sheds they are somewhat different to the ordinary door. Some have very wide openings to allow you to pull right in with your ride-on lawn mower. Others are as narrow as your average ‘people door’ or there may be a combination. You have to put some thought into what you are storing in that shed to understand what kind of access you will need. It’s also good to examine the door locking systems while you are at it. Some will permit a padlock while others won’t.

3. The Tall End Of It Also Matters

the tall end of it also matters

Outdoor storage sheds have what may be considered unusual or awkward measurements. For example, a 10 by 10 shed is the footprint it will fill on the ground. That means the 10 by 10 size is 10 feet deep and 10 feet across forming a square space of 100 square feet. There is no mention of the height although that is a very important measurement. You will want to have a storage shed that is not only tall enough for you to walk inside of, but you’ll want it to be tall enough for extra storage space. Remember, you can use the walls right to the ceiling, if necessary, for shelving or whatever you plan to use to store items.

4. The Small Stuff Has A Place As Well

small stuff

I’ve mentioned shelving and pegboards with hooks elsewhere on this website. These are great ways to give you storage space for smaller items that may not fit anywhere else. I like pegboards and I also use cabinets under a workbench for additional storage in an area that otherwise would not be used for anything else. By using your imagination, you may solve many of your storage concerns with the right sized outdoor storage shed.

Don’t Forget To Measure If You Have To

It’s easy for me to tell you to get a shed that is bigger than you think you need, but you also have to ensure that you have the space on your property for one. If you happen to have a small lot, take a good look at the area you have to work with and plan the shed purchase to fit into your yard without having to compromise any other space you are using for other things. Pull out a measuring tape to be accurate on what kind of space is available and use those numbers when shopping.

Hi I'm Tom (aka thatshedguy) and as the name implies I'm a fan of outdoor storage sheds and pretty much anything else related to tools and gardening. I have a wood sculpting hobby that keeps me busy for ages out in my own outdoor shed and I absolutely love having a nice clean functional space to work in. That's how I got started blogging about outdoor sheds as I reckon a lot people are missing out on a bit of freedom right in their backyard or the opportunity to store valuables securely.

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